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Music Me Free
Soul Freeing Therapeutic Brainwave Music with Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, and more.

Music For Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Stress Relief, Energy & more

(All our Music is Enhanced with Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, Monaural Beats, or Harmonic Box X)

Welcome to has been specializing in brainwave entrainment mp3's since 2008.

Our brainwave entrainment mp3's consist of specific frequencies (binaural beats, isochronic tones, monaural beats, harmonic box x) known in some cases to induce deep states of relaxation depending on the frequencies used (such as alpha, theta, delta, and epsilon), and also depending on the listener.

Some brainwave frequencies used (such as Gamma frequencies) can have the opposite effect and generate high energy and activity (Energy and Focus Mp3 Pack).

Music that incorporates brainwave entrainment frequencies can potentially help you achieve:

More effective meditation

Improved sleep

Heightened creativity

Better focus

....and a variety of other states of mind.

Our music includes:

Ethnic inspired soundtracks (Indian, Celtic, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc)

Weightlessness, Floating, Outer Space soundtracks

Spiritual (choir, meditation, shamanic)

"Primordial" Sounds

Nature (rain, forest, etc) combined with ambient sound

Unique Musical Tracks

Thunderstorm sounds

Night time noises

Running Brook

Underwater Whale sounds


Tibetan Bowls

...and much more


New Age Rhythms Mp3 Album



(12 MP3 DOWNLOADS, Over 5 hours of listening)

These mp3's are "brainwave entrainment" mp3's specifically designed for meditation and relaxation, energy and focus. 

New Age Rhythms includes 12 mp3's embedded with isochronic tones (for brainwave entrainment) mixed in with new age music and in some cases nature sounds. (Binaural beats are in one of the tracks).

New Age Rhythms is ideal for applications ranging from yoga and meditation, to background music for massages, day spas, catnaps etc.

Most of the tracks have alpha, theta and/or delta frequencies for meditation, relaxation or sleep. 5 of the sessions have beta or upper alpha frequencies designed for wakefulness and energy.

While listening to New Age Rhythms simply close your eyes, let go of the cares of the day, and relax as your mind moves through relaxing music and in some cases the subtle sounds of nature.

It is recommended you lie down and relax when listening to these mp3's.

These Mp3's are not recommended when you are driving or operating heavy machinery.

CLICK HERE for more Details about New Age Rhythms.

New Age Rhythms Samples

(Recommended Browsers: Internet Explorer etc.)

(Stereo Headphones Recommended)

New Age Rhythms Samples

(Recommended Browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mobile Friendly.)

(Stereo Headphones Recommended)

New Age Rhythms Mp3 Album

12 Mp3 DOWNLOADS, Over 5 Hours of Listening


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All Music Me Free mp3's are created with top of the line professional brainwave entrainment tools.


See how a sessions is made.


Music Me Free mp3's are high quality and effective.


In our sessions we use MP3 format (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) which is a standard technology and format for compressing a sound sequence into a very small file while preserving the original level of sound quality when it is played.

Listening to our brainwave mp3's is exactly the same as listening to brainwave CD's - the sound quality is the same, and no entrainment is lost or watered down in the compressed mp3 format.

All Music Me Free mp3's are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


Our Motto: Therapeutic Music for Freeing your Mind and Spirit.


Download Free Sample.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Music Me Free products help bring you to a peaceful state of mind.

Our music can can change and alter your moods FOR THE BETTER.

Our music is remarkably helpful to listeners.

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(Samples of our music, nature sounds, and brainwave entrainment frequencies).


Brainwave Mp3's for your Mp3 Player, ipod, ipad, Computer etc.

Our unique brainwave entrainment mp3's will work on mobile phones that are mp3 capable, ipods, ipads, mp3 players, or even on your computer media player if you don't have a mp3 player.

We ave produced remarkably potent and powerful products for effectively calming the mind, soothing the emotions, relaxing the body, and quite literally, freeing the soul.

Music Me Free products appeal not just to the ear, but also to your being on a holistic level.


Music Me Free products are a progressive form of music therapy specifically designed to be calming, soothing and to strengthen the body, mind and soul.

Whether you want to add these mp3's to your iphone, ipod, ipad, computer, mp3 player is entirely up to you.

You might find it worth your while to take time out during the day, sit back or lay down with eyes close, and listen to any of our mp3's to help you let go and refocus as to what really matters in your life.