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Therapeutic Brainwave Music with Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, and more.
Music Me Free



Affiliates Earn 50% Per sale

Clickbank Affiliate Center Login
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We sell our mp3 products in bundles ranging from $14.95 to $99.


You can promote our products either through original Clickbank hop link.


Or, you can signup with our Affiliate Center and use a cloaked Clickbank hop link and also be able to promote individual products from


By signing up with our Affiliate Center you will receive automatic sales notifications every time you get a sale.


And you will also be able to login and check your link stats, sales stats, and conversion ratio, to see how many times your links are clicked on.



Joining Clickbank

First you need to join Clickbank and get a free Clickbank id to promote our products:


Click here and sign up for a free Clickbank id.

 Joining Our Affiliate Center

Once you sign up with Clickbank and receive your Clickbank affiliate id you can use that id to sign up with our Affiliate Center which will allow you to promote our 17 products with our domain name instead of the usual Clickbank hop link.
CLICK HERE to Join our Clickbank Affiliate Center
By signing up with our Affiliate Center you will receive a instant notification every time you make a sale.
You will also be able to check your stats in your Affiliate Center account so you can see how many times people are clicking on your affiliate link or banner.
You need to use the affiliate links in your Affiliate Center account, rather than the Clickbank hop link, if you want your stats to record. But which ever link you choose to use you will still receive 50% of every sale.
Also, by using your Affiliate Center links you can promote individual products including our mp3 products at our other website (


When someone clicks on your Clickbank affiliate link, and makes a purchase through a Clickbank button on our website, your affiliate id is automatically inserted into the buyers browser (if cookies are enabled), and 50% of the sale is automatically deposited into your Clickbank account.


NOTE:Your affiliate id should show up on the bottom of the Clickbank order page where it says:


[affiliate = your_affiliate_id]

 Since Clickbank also receives a small portion of every sale it won't be exactly 50% of the product price.


(Click here to calculate your commission payment.)



How Clickbank Pays You
If you are a new affiliate for Clickbank you won't get paid by Clickbank until you have generated at least 5 affiliate sales from 5 different credit card or debit card numbers. Clickbank also accepts Paypal purchases, but does not count Paypal purchases as a credit card purchase even though you will still get 50% of the sale for Paypal purchases.
After you have received your 5 credit card affiliate sales Clickbank will send you your first check depending what your account is set at (you can receive checks every week, or bi weekly etc., and you can set a payment threshold as low as $10 or beyond $1000 etc.)

After you have received 3 checks (within a 2 month period) Clickbank will allow you to change the settings in your Clickbank account so you can receive payments directly into your bank account instead of receiving checks.  



Our Products


1. Energy and Focus Mp3 Pack (Affiliate Commission = $13.35)


2. Meditation and Inner Peace Mp3 Pack (Affiliate Commission = $13.35)


3. Deep Alpha Wave Relaxation Mp3 + Bonus Mp3 (Affiliate Commission = $6.42)


4. New Age Rhythms Mp3 Album (Affiliate Commission = $11.04)

5. Deep Theta Wave Meditation Mp3 + Bonus Mp3 (Affiliate Commission = $6.42)


6. Mystic Beats Theta Meditation Music Mp3's. (Affiliate Commissions = $20.75)


7. Music Me Free Mp3 Pack (Affiliate Commission = $13.35)


8. Deep Delta Wave Sleep Mp3 + Bonus Mp3 (Affiliate Commission = $6.42)


9. Mystic Beats Meditation Music Mp3's (Affiliate Commissions = $20.60)


10. Deep Mp3 Series (Affiliate Commission = $8.73)


11. Powerful Affirmations Mp3 Pack (Affiliate Commission = $13.35)


12. Alpha Relaxation Mp3 Series (Affiliate Commission = $15.67)


13. Theta Meditation Mp3 Series (Affiliate Commission = $15.67)


14. Rejuvenating Delta Mp3 Series (Affiliate Commission = $15.67)


15. Epsilon Advanced Meditation Mp3 Series (Affiliate Commission = $15.67)


16. Ultimate Brainwave Entrainment Mp3 Program  (Affiliate Commission = $45.29) 


17. Delta Boost Sleep and Meditation Mp3 Program (Affiliate Commission = $45.29)

18. Discount Mp3 Bundle (Affiliate Commission = $36.48)