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Therapeutic Brainwave Music with Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, and more.
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Brainwave Entrainment, Epsilon Brainwaves, and the Sub Conscious

Just as dreaming brings back forgotten or repressed traumatic events stored in the subconscious mind, so likewise listening to brainwave sessions in the epsilon frequency ranges can do the same thing. When brainwave audio breaks through your defenses and brings emotions to the surface that need healing, this is a good thing even though on your end you may experience anxiety, fear, depression etc. It must be warned that with brainwave entrainment this can all happen very quickly instead of letting things come slowly by themselves such as through dreams or gradual meditation practice.

In general, first time listeners to brainwave entrainment may experience some discomfort or resistance to certain audio frequencies and just as people of different energy don't always mix, so likewise some audio frequencies may affect one person but not another. For example if you are high strung and don't know how to relax then when you are introduced to a more relaxing audio energy you may feel uncomfortable and also a fear may arise as you are about to face unconscious material which you have been unconsciously running from by keeping busy. But it is a healing process so you can finally move up higher on your journey to oneness with your spiritual essence.

Here is a article about this subject, related the experience of some users while listening to brainwave entrainment audio from other companies, which could help explain what we are trying to share to those who may experience some discomfort or what's called 'overwhelm' when listening to some types of brainwave entrainment audio:

The evolutionary growth process of increasing conscious awareness with regular daily use of brainwave entrainment

There are sometimes for SOME people, certain unpleasant effects inherent in the process (of listening to brainwave entrainment audio) which people ought to be aware of.

I've learned through my Holosync program to look at it all from an evolutionary perspective. Yes, there may be some discomfort at times, which is to be expected, since we're raising up from the depths of the unconscious otherwise locked away repressed material or to put it bluntly, hard caked crap we didn't want to ever look at or have to deal with. Interestingly, it doesn't even surface in a form you can analyze, though you might have wild and wacky dreams, and sometimes feel certain unwanted emotional feelings - the key being to recognize that this is part of the process of becoming increasingly aware, and to simply observe it in a non-resistant way, distinguish it, and in the process, diminish any discomfort. For example, if your big issue is anger, then the root cause of that may begin to surface, in order to be distinguished and resolved by your higher mind. You may experience sadness over unresolved issues of loss. Surfacing these things, and dissolving them in the light of consciousness is simply part of any transformative process.

Furthermore, there is a stimulus being placed on the brain with binaural beat brainwave entrainment, creating new neural connections and increased left/right hemisphere synchrony. Like a workout at the gym, this "push" provokes evolutionary change in the form of new structures or new order from chaos (increased complexity, whereby the brain is a dissipative system - see Prigogine's work for more on this), which can be stressful, and that's the whole point (to provoke evolutionary change or transformation in conscious awareness) - but interestingly, the brain, in response to the stimulus, releases a variety of hormones, endorphins and neurotransmitters, to facilitate the growth of new structures, while anesthetizing the organism to an extent and these all have VERY positive benefits and effects, most of which feel VERY good and which are good for you.

Then, once a certain threshold is reached, one's internal "map of reality" (set of viewpoints) or certain elements of who you (your ego) THINKS you are, or are afraid to be, or are not, begins to reach a point or a limit whereby it can no longer sustain itself, to the degree that it is not helpful or is out of alignment with what is most congruent with reality and that which best serves the whole person, and so it eventually destabilizes, and then finally falls apart (it, the unhelpful representation, NOT the observing self) - and then, as if by magic, it's immediately replaced with a whole new structure and a new map which is more workable by many many orders of magnitude. It's like a quantum leap in awareness, and then any discomfort one may have experienced (change doesn't always come without a little discomfort), turns to peace and joy, happiness, and more freedom, power and greater success and functioning - and then the process will eventually repeat itself, until one may come to recognize that there is no separate self at all, and that all is one.

But this (new order from chaos) is an entirely natural process - like a seed which falls apart at the moment of germination of new life. And the brain and central nervous system of the human being, being a dissipative complex structure, can handle any amount of these cycles of "near death and resurrection" to use a certain spiritual analogy. In other words, the entropy is dissipated into the environment or the larger system, which presumably is the universe itself, and how it does it, is still a mystery i.e.: where does the entropy go? Nevertheless, a new order or complexity will always emerge, particularly within the context of a system as complex as the human brain and nervous system. So any discomfort really ought to be embraced as the pre-cursor to new growth and a newfound awareness that is more functional and capable by many orders of magnitude than what was an outmoded map of reality to begin with.

This is how I've come to understand it - that it's not just about having a meditative experience and getting a little more peace - done regularly, it produces an evolutionary growth process and a series of quantum leaps in increasing self-other-environment, conscious awareness, and increased interconnectedness, and overall well being, even equanimity.

This is why I was looking for a mutual support partner, to share in the journey and the evolutionary process.

It amounts to an exploration of Buddha enlightened conscious awareness and experience, perhaps ultimately going as far or even farther than the master since we are not trying to escape into Nirvana nor eliminate all suffering, because there's always something to do and create and so we're generally not doing this to try to kill off desire or our capacity for accomplishment, a prerequisite to more successful living and fulfillment, unless you want to become a Buddhist monk and live in poverty (not that there's anything wrong with that either!).

Therefore, I do not believe that binaural beat brainwave entrainment is like some cool toy to be played with experimentally. No, it's something you want to research and understand before embarking upon, or you might have nothing but one bad trip or bad experience with it, like that person referenced earlier who tried the Hemisync CD once and had a bad reaction to it (because he didn't understand it and was in resistance to the types of changes it provokes).

That said, the benefits realized at any stage, are permanent, and you can stop at any time with no ill effects. In fact, there is no record of anyone having been permanently harmed by it. Nevertheless, it's serious business, since we're dealing here with the human brain and nervous system, as well as one's psychological and spiritual growth.

It is said to "measure the cost of discipleship" before embarking on a path of transformation, because you will not be left with a building half completed, once started, powerful forces will come into play to aid you in the process, and they will see you through no matter what the cost. (Article Source).