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Therapeutic Brainwave Music with Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, and more.
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How Products Are Made

Hi, Ed Crivello here, owner of
I created this section for those of you who are technical minded, and have been emailing me asking how I create my products, and if they have the correct entrainment for certain benefits etc.

Following are some screenshots of the program I use to create all products. This program is top of the line, and creates quality professional sessions whether the files are in mp3 format, ogg format, or wav format (for cd's). There is so much this program can do, and the sample session below (shown through a series of screenshots) is a very basic simple, but powerful theta session. (You can download a shortened version of the finished mp3 on the bottom of this page).

You are getting high quality, effective, professional sessions due to the intuitive software program I use to create the sessions.

Below I briefly explain each screenshot so you have a general idea about the products I sell. It is proof that you are getting high quality products created with the best brainwave entrainment software.

Screenshot 1

After opening the software program I use to create products I select the entrainment I want to use. In this sample I will choose a simple theta track.
(For examples of the different brainwave classifications (such as beta, alpha, theta, and delta) see the Brainwave Classification Chart.)

Screenshot 2

In this screenshot I have chosen the theta track and it begins at 12 hz and ramps down to 5.5 hz after 10 minutes. Notice the 30 min in the top left corner. This is the length of the session and I can change it to anything I want (60 min, 120 min, 5 min etc.) Also notice the 10, and 30 near the top right corner. This is how I am able to adjust the sessions to slowly fade in at the beginning, and fade out at the end, rather then having the session start or end abruptly. This can also be done with individual tracks when I add several tracks to 1 session.

Screenshot 3

See where it says "Add Content", and then "Tones" in drop down menu. There you will find where I can choose between binaural beats, isochronic tones, monaural beats, or harmonic box x etc. In this sample I am choosing binaural beats.

Screenshot 4

After choosing the binaural beats track it is by default set at a carrier frequency of 180hz. This can be changed, and the volume of the binaural beats can also be adjusted if I want them to play behind the music, or made louder if I want them to overshadow the music. As far as selecting the carrier frequency what I do is try to use optimal carrier frequencies (according to Oster" curve) for each beta, alpha, theta, or delta level. For example, as seen in screenshot 2 the frequency begins at 12hz, and gradually ramps down to the theta level of 5.5hz. The optimal carrier frequency for 12hz (according to the Oster curve) is 250hz, and the optimal carrier frequency for 5.5hz is 180hz. In the next screenshot that is how I adjust the binaural beats track.

Screenshot 5

I repeat, the optimal carrier frequency for 12hz is 250hz, and the optimal carrier frequency for 5.5hz is 180hz.

Screenshot 6

Next, I chose a sound file. I have over 250 music tracks to choose from on my hard drive. These are all royalty free music tracks, and I have the commercial licenses for them. Notice also (in the drop down menu) there is a option for "noise". That means white, pink, and brown noise. There are other features, but I want to keep this simple.

Screenshot 7

Here I am choosing one of my ambient tracks.

Screenshot 8

This is the ambient track loading into the software program.

Screenshot 9

And there is the ambient track I just added. It is a little over 6 minutes. But it can be stretched to fill the entire session by clicking on the box on the right that says "loop". This way it can seamlessly repeat without any abrupt changes. Also look to the right where you see two 10's. That is another fading in and fading out feature so I can fade from one ambient track to another if I decide to add several ambient tracks to one session.

Screenshot 10

Going back to the "Add Content" button, and then to the drop down menu etc., this time I chose "Ambiance Generator". This is a powerful feature and enhances the sessions.

Screenshot 11

In this screenshot the Ambient Generator is now opened and as you can see it comes with several presets such as forest sounds, thunderstorm, night time noises, metal crystal bowls, underwater sounds (includes whale sounds) etc., etc.

Screenshot 12

Here I am choosing the underwater sounds for this sample session (and metal crystal bowls as I will show at the end). There are several things I can do within the Ambiance Generator such as delete some sounds, and add other sounds, and adjust volume, and add other features.

Screenshot 13

Here are the underwater sounds (in orange) after the track is loaded into the session. It can be adjusted from here, and made shorter if I so choose etc.

Screenshot 14

Here I am getting ready to add a empty track where another soundtrack will go.

Screenshot 15

Empty track.

Screenshot 16

I added another ambient track, and notice to the far left where I faded this track in a 10 seconds, and it will fade out for the last 30 seconds. The 10 seconds prevents it from starting adruptly.

Screenshot 17

Notice that I placed a check mark in the "loop" box (right side of screen), and then I pulled the ambient track to fill the remainder of the session. It will therefore play seamlessly.

Screenshot 18

Notice the "FX" on the left of your screen. By clicking on the FX (for each soundtrack if I want) I can add more enhancements to the session. In this session I added panning.

Screenshot 19

There is so much more I can add to this session, but keeping it simple, and yet powerful, I am ready to export it to mp3 format.

Screenshot 20

Notice there are three formats I can export the sessions too. Most of products are mp3 format. I use WAV format to burn to the CD's I sell. WAV format is uncompressed, but the software enables the mp3 format and wav format to sound exactly the same so the finished mp3 does not degrade the entrainment programmed into the session.

Screenshot 21

Beginning the export.

Screenshot 22

A typical 30 minute session can take up to 10 minutes to export.

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Screenshot 23

15 Minute Sample

What I did here was shorten the above session to 15 minutes, shorten the ramp time, and refined the session by adjusting the 2 ambient tracks.

Screenshot 24

And I added an extra track (crystal bowls) from the Ambience Generator.

Screenshot 25

This is what the completed sample looks like.

Screenshot 26

Ready for export.

Screenshot 27


Screenshot 28

Successful export. You can download this sample below.

This 15 minute sample theta session consists of 2 ambient tracks, crystal bowl sounds, and underwater sounds embedded with binaural beats. This session ramps down from 12hz to 5.5hz after 7 minutes, and then remains at 5.5hz for the remaining 8 minutes of the session. You need to use headphone so you can hear the binaural beats. Enjoy!

HERE IS THE SAMPLE (15 minutes, 20.6 MB)

(Right Click, "save target as", or "save link as" etc.)