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Therapeutic Brainwave Music with Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, and more.
Music Me Free
Music Me Free Mp3 Pack
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Music Me Free Mp3 Pack Sessions (1GB) - Isochronic Tones

Brief Overview (See details)

Alpha level 1 (60 min)
Alpha level 2 (60 min)
Alpha level 3 (60 min)
Alpha level 4 (60 min)
Theta level 1 (60 min)
Theta level 2 (60 min)
Theta level 3 (60 min)
Theta level 4 (60 min)
Delta level 1 (60 min)
Delta level 2 (60 min)
Delta level 3 (60 min)
Delta level 4 (60 min)

12 New Age Soundtracks (70 min)



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Stereo Headphones Recommended

Important Note: The actual complete 60 minute sessions in the Music Me Free Mp3 Pack begin with nature sounds and isochronic tones, both of which play throughout the entire session. After a minute or so into each session the music starts to play very, very softly (not as loud as it is in the samples) for 5 - 6 minutes (depending on how long the music track is). Then the music stops, and you continue to hear the nature sounds and isochronic tones, and eventually the music starts again (near the middle of the session, but in some cases before that), this time the music is little louder, then it stops...and so on. In the samples below I have made the music to be very loud, and the isochronic tones very faint. But in the actual finished sessions the isochronic tones are more discernable since they are the most important part of each session.


(Recommended Browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mobile Friendly.)

Stereo Headphones Recommended


Do you hear the isochronic tones in the samples?

The Music Me Free Mp3 Pack consists of 3 levels (Alpha, Theta, and Delta). 

Each level consists of 4 sessions (4 mp3 files) each of which is an hour long. 

All the mp3 files combined cover the entire spectrum of the alpha, theta, and delta frequency ranges (appx. 12 hz - .01 hz). 

Optimal carrier frequencies for each level have been used. Various frequencies in the sessions are based upon brainwave research findings. (See Details.)

What Customers Are Saying About The Music Me Free Mp3 Pack

"I have purchased the Music Me Free Mp3 Pack and also the Astral Projection Mp3 Pack. The Music Me Free Mp3 Pack I have used consistently and have achieved results like these: increased peace and calm, higher conscious awareness, increased threshold for stress (I'm not bothered by all those little and some big things I used to be annoyed by).I look forward to my sessions tremendously knowing when I'm through (even before they're over) the calm and peace have returned and my mind and body are relaxed. It is very enlightening and powerful to clear these blocks and attain clarity of mind. I also have the Astral Projection Mp3 Pack and my favorites are the Deep Mind session and the Out of Body Experience. I try to listen to the sessions outdoors if I can while laying down. You would not believe the calming that comes over you especially with a soft breeze blowing on your cheeks. These sessions have resulted in the sensation of 'loss of body consciousness' where you feel light as a feather. I have also experienced several OOBE, very enlightening, and make you very conscious of the energy surrounding us." ~ Cristina Strenko (USA)

"I have been using the Music Me Free Mp3 Pack for almost 3 months now, every day, and I feel some of the benefits alpha, theta and delta frequencies have on my brain and on my well being in general. Once I get over the basics, I intend to use the package to improve my ESP and subjective communication skills. Here's what I feel as a positive change so far:

- I am a calmer, more balanced emotionally person now.

- I can control my sleep patterns and I sleep less than I used to sleep before, this is also one of my goals I wanted to achieve.

a.. It seems that I am less sensitive to the allergenic influence (I used to take medication to stop the allergies every Spring)
b.. I have a more positive attitude towards people and adverse events in general.
c.. I have improved memory, though I still want to work on this aspect more.

Surely I want to test how the programs influence my hormonal processes, however this will take time. Thank you much for the programs offered." ~ Michael Serban

"I purchased the Music Me Free Mp3 Pack of Alpha, Theta and Delta Sessions with Isochronic tones and nature sounds embedded into new age music, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! Besides the pure beauty of the music and sounds, I found that I could use the different sessions at different times of day in order to promote sleep, get ready for a busy day, relax and meditate, or during exercise and jogging. I find they do make it easier to fall asleep, help me to relax when I have a lot of stress, and make exercise easier. I also found that during meditation I am having gentle gridlike visuals, and my dreams have become more interesting and memorable. And there is a lot of Bonus material that I am still sorting through! I am still exploring the virtues of these sessions and look forward to trying other material. I truly recommend the Music Me Free line of Brainwave Entrainment Music, you should try it too!" ~ Sincerely, Joe Palumbo (USA)

"I purchased the Music Me Free Mp3 Pack and the Meditation & Inner Peace Mp3 Pack. I have to say that in the past I use to listen to Monroe Institute cds. But with Music Me Free mp3's I get much more relaxed, and I can get better trance states.

I use Music Me Free tracks in two different situations:

1.- When I commute. I listen to theta and delta sessions while I am on the train commuting (travel lasts 40-45 mins), and it´s incredible I can get into a trance state for a few moments despite all the noises and movements of the train and the people. I get very well rested and relaxed.

2.- In my reiki sessions. I sometimes play a track from the Music Me Free Mp3 Pack to help me concentrate into "feeling" the energy in my hands. I have observed that I can "hold" the magnetic feeling in my hands for longer periods of time with this music. I can also get the magnetic feeling earlier in the session. People who receive the sessions have several experiences (cold, heat, visualizations, movements of energy around their bodies). But another point I have observed is that everyone gets much more relaxed with the music. If I play another kind of relaxing music, or no music at all, they relax less." ~ Gregorio (Spain)

"I have recently purchased both the Music Me Free Mp3 Pack and the Meditation & Inner Peace Mp3 Pack. I have to say it is one of the best ways I have found to relax and unwind from the day, right after arriving home from work. I especially enjoy the Schumann Resonance track, as it calms me and puts me into a deep relaxed state. Later in the evening, I listen to the Alpha, or Theta sessions as I do a little computer work. When I go to bed, I listen to the Very Very Deep track or the Delta session. Both of these tracks put me right to sleep. I could not be more pleased with the quality of the Mp3's or the response they bring about in both my body and mind. The binaural beats create a symphony of sounds that travel through out my head causing a euphoric state. The tracks are fun to listen to as the sound travels from one place to another in my head. These tracks are well worth the money, and the Mp3's are easy to download from the web site. If you are stressed a little or a lot, these Mp3 Packs are for you!" ~ Tom Forgey

Brainwave Entrainment Frequencies

Different frequencies are known to have different effects on a person brain, emotions or overall mood and well-being in general:

Beta: 13 to 30 Hz (Not used in these sessions) - The Beta level is associated with outward awareness, the taking in and evaluating of various forms of data received through the senses.

Alpha: 8 to 12 Hz - The Alpha level is associated with a non-drowsy but relaxed, tranquil state of consciousness, primarily with pleasant inward awareness; body/mind integration.

Theta: 4 to 8 Hz - The Theta level is normally associated with recall, fantasy, imagery, creativity, inspiration, future planning, dreaming, switching thoughts, and drowsiness.

Delta: 0.1 to 4 Hz - The Delta level is normally associated with a deep dreamless sleep, trance state, and non-REM type of sleep.

Each mp3 download in the Music Me Free Mp3 Pack has been designed in such a way that the frequencies are close enough so that each frequency works together in descending order to entrain the brain and produce benefits over time (or for some right away). For example the frequencies in our lowest delta mp3 are divided thus: 1.0 hz, 0.9 hz, 0.8 hz, 0.7 hz, 0.6 hz, 0.5 hz, 0.4 hz, 0.3 hz, 0.2 hz, 0.1 hz. The entrainment stays on each frequency for 6 minutes before moving to the next. The total time is 1 hour per mp3 download. This has been done with each of the 12 mp3 files. There are 4 alpha sessions (8 Hz to 12 Hz - overlaps with upper theta), 4 theta sessions (4 Hz to 7 Hz - overlaps with lower alpha), and 4 delta sessions (0.1 Hz to 4 Hz - overlaps with lower theta).

Each session within the Music Me Free Mp3 Pack is embedded with isochronic tones which, according to some, work just as good as, or even better than, binaural beats.

The isochronic tones can be heard in the background of each session panning back and forth from ear to to ear. Each session has its own unique musical soundtrack (plays on and off during each session) which, in addition to the frequency layering in each mp3 file, make these brainwave sessions one of a kind. We have also combined nature sounds with the music and isochronic tones in such a way that it is not distracting to listen to. The music is combined with the nature sounds in such a way that the music and nature go together. Sometimes you hear the music faintly, other times it is more clear, and then it stops and you hear just nature sounds. The music is heard coming out of nature, sort of in the sense that nature (and the universe in general) is full of music if we but take time to listen to it coming from the sound of a running brook, from the wind, rain, ocean, chirping birds and so on.

It is the isochronic tones heard behind the music and nature sounds that entrain the brain and produce benefits over time. Though the isochronic tones are not musical sounding, nevertheless the isochronic tones combined with nature sounds and music produces a certain release and freedom in body, mind and spirit, hence the term Music Me Free (setting us free emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even healing us physically).


Music Me Free Mp3 Pack

Designed for relaxation, rejuvenation, and recharge

60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
13 Quality Mp3 Downloads

13 Hours Of Quality Recordings

1GB Total

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