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Therapeutic Brainwave Music with Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, and more.
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New Age Rhythms Mp3 Album



(12 MP3 DOWNLOADS, Over 5 hours of listening)

 (12 Brainwave Entrainment mp3's embedded with isochronic tones + new age music)

Ideal for meditation, relaxation, energy, focus & more. New Age Rhythms calms the mind and soothes the soul with its liquid strains of melody.

These mp3's are "brainwave entrainment" mp3's specifically designed for meditation and relaxation, energy and focus.

New Age Rhythms includes 12 mp3's embedded with isochronic tones (for brainwave entrainment) mixed in with new age music and in some cases nature sounds. (Binaural beats are in one of the tracks).

Some of the mp3's have beta, alpha, theta, and/or delta frequencies.

Lower alpha, and in particular the theta state of mind, are present in deep relaxation and it is the gateway to meditation.

The theta level is the storehouse of creative inspiration, spiritual connection, subconscious mind, creative insight, twilight ("sleep") learning, vivid mental imagery, and much more.

New Age Rhythms is ideal for applications ranging from yoga and meditation, to background music for massages, day spas, catnaps etc.

Some of the tracks have beta or upper alpha frequencies designed for wakefulness and energy.

While listening to New Age Rhythms simply close your eyes, let go of the cares of the day, and relax as your mind moves through relaxing music and in some cases the subtle sounds of nature.

Following is an explanation of each track:

Ambient Relaxation (Schumann Resonance) - 30 minutes:

This is a relaxing session stimulating earth resonance at 7.83 Hz (Schumann Resonance) with isochronic tones, randomly generated wind chimes in the first part of the session, and then randomly generated metal crystal bowls in the second half of the mp3. Two different ambient music tracks also play during the session.

Brain Harmony (Beta - Left Brain, Smr - Right Brain) - 25 minutes:

This session helps reduce the symptoms of ADHD. It stimulates SMR in the right brain hemisphere and Beta in the left.

Effervescent Moment (Deep Meditation) - 45 minutes:

This is a deep meditation session using isochronic tones and entrainment embedded into pleasant ambient music. It descends into theta frequencies and stays there until the end, where it rises back up to alpha to help leave the user refreshed and awake.

Energizing Rest (Caffeine Replacement) - 20 minutes:

This is a highly stimulating session used to replace caffeine intake. It incorporates 18 Hz stimulation with a binaural beat that slowly rises in pitch. It is based off of a protocol developed by Michael Triggs.

Escape from Ego (Hypnotic Theta Relax) - 40 minutes:

This is a relaxing theta session incorporating hypnosis with 3D audio effects, randomly generated Forest/Bird sounds, as well as the sound of a Brook later in the session, and ambient music. Entrainment is embedded into all audio, even the voice.

Invisible Paradise (Adhd Relief) - 20 minutes:

This session helps reduce the symptoms of ADHD. It stimulates alpha and SMR in the right brain hemisphere and alpha and beta in the left.

Ocean Song (Deep Alpha Dissociation) - 25 minutes:

This is a deep, relaxing alpha session that stimulates each ear with a slightly different frequency in order to produce a dissociating effect. It uses isochronic tones and entrainment embedded into ocean sounds, and under water whale sounds later in the session, and ambient music throughout.

Paradise Found (Freedom from Depression) - 35 minutes:

Many depressed individuals have an overabundance of right frontal activity and insufficient left frontal activity. Thus the goal of this session is to stimulate activity in the left hemisphere while soothing the right hemisphere with alpha rhythms. Beta and gamma are sent to the right ear to stimulate the left brain, and alpha is sent to the left ear to stimulate the right brain.

Path of Light (Energy & Motivation) - 20 minutes: This is a stimulating beta session designed to provide a boost of energy and motivation.

Rest and Relax (Delta Relaxation) - 60 minutes:

This is a delta relaxation session. It can be used as a quick and refreshing nap or for deeper levels of meditation. Entrainment is produced using isochronic tones and entrainment embedded ambient sounds and thunderstorm sounds.

Soul Dream (Deep Sleep) - 50 minutes:

Use this session to fall into a deep, healthy sleep.

Spirit Freedom (Attention & Focus) - 28 minutes:

This is a low beta/SMR session designed to facilitate attention and focus while studying or working.

Potential benefits over time when listening to the mp3's within the New Age Rhythms album daily are:

A more balanced emotional life

A Calmer mood, more gentle personality

Positive thinking, non-destructive thoughts

Enhanced Inner Peace and Well Being

Improved health (positive effects on appetite, metabolism, and physiological functions)

Better sleep

....and much more.

It is recommended you lie down and relax when listening to these mp3's.

These Mp3's are not recommended when you are driving or operating heavy machinery.

New Age Rhythms Samples

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NOTE: New Age Rhythms can be purchased at Clickbank in full, or at CDBaby in individual tracks, or as a full album. The Deep Meditation and Delta Relaxation tracks have different music in the CDBaby version since I later updated those tracks at my website, but it was too late to update the tracks in the CDBaby version.

New Age Rhythms Mp3 Album

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12 Mp3 Downloads, Over 5 Hours of Listening.

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