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Music Me Free Schumann Resonance CD

What Is The Schumann Resonance?
All physical matter is in a state of vibration. Everything that vibrates has its own resonating frequency or "resonance". In 1952 German physicist Professor W.O. Schumann predicted that there are electromagnetic standing waves (sometimes manifesting as lightening/thunderstorms) within the cavity formed by the surface of the earth and the ionosphere surrounding the earth. Schumann detected resonances within this cavity to be at a main frequency of 7.83hz. Hence the term "Schumann Resonance".
Our brain also creates electromagnetic waves with particular frequencies. The Schumann Resonance CD is embedded with 7.83hz isochronic tones which help to induce a deep state of relaxation so your body and mind can heal, recharge, rejuvenate and be strengthened.
By listening to the Schumann Resonance CD with stereo headphones (for optimal results) your brainwaves will be stimulated to an alpha/theta brainwave level of 7.83hz (the Schumann Resonance frequency) which is conducive to relaxation.
Worries, frustration and stress occupy major portions of the life of an average person today. While stress is obviously not good for mental well being, it also has far reaching physical consequences. Mental stress related medical conditions are not uncommon in today's world and continue to grow in number each day.
To make your life a bit smoother amidst all the stress, you can listen to the Schumann Resonance CD which is designed for relaxation, stress relief, and recharge.
The Schumann Resonance CD is 60 minutes. The cd consists of ambient music, chimes, wind, rain, a passing thunderstorm, and night time sounds. Embedded behind all the sounds is the steady beating of the isochronic tones which are the heart of the Schumann Resonance CD.
By using the Schumann Resonance cd daily your brain will be trained to enter a deep state of calmness, relaxation and meditation. In time, during your sessions, your entire being will resonate at the Schumann Resonance frequency thus rejuvenating and refreshing your body, mind and soul.
This cd is an hour and can be listened to at night as you are going to bed and/or during the day if you want to relax. The session begins at the alpha level of 10 hz, then works it way down to 7.83 Hz (after 10 minutes) and remains at 7.83 Hz throughout the remainder of the cd.
Headphones are preferred for best results, but not necessary if you have a good stereo speaker system.
Find a quiet place, free of distraction. Make sure you are comfortable, in a chair or lying down. After starting the cd, close your eyes and relax.


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Our cd ordering system is automated so you can order any time. Our cd's are manufactured, published, and shipped by Kunaki. The cd's are in full-color, glossy, and cellophane-wrapped. Kunaki manufacture's our cd's to high-quality retail specifications. All orders are processed and shipped immediately during all business days. If you receive a defective cd from the manufacturer it will be freely replaced.
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