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Therapeutic Brainwave Music with Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, and more.
Music Me Free
Meditation and Inner Peace Mp3 Pack
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Brief Overview of mp3's included with the Meditation and Inner Peace Mp3 Pack (See details)

Alpha Sessions (2 of each + sessions with just tones)

Alpha Relaxation 1 (25 min) - Binaural Beats
Alpha Relaxation 2 (20 min) - Isochronic Tones
Deep Alpha Dissociation (25 min) - Isochronic Tones

Alpha/Theta Session

Schumann Resonance (60 min) - Isochronic Tones

Theta Sessions (2 of each + sessions with just tones)

Deep Meditation (45 min) - Isochronic Tones
Complete Theta Session (60 min) - Isochronic Tones

Delta Sessions (2 of each + sessions with just tones)

Going Deep (60 min) - Binaural Beats
Going Deeper Still (35 min) - Isochronic Tones
Very, Very Deep (60 min) - Binaural Beats

Extra Sessions

Deep Sleep (60 min) - Isochronic Tones
Pain Relief (25 min) - Isochronic Tones
Chakra Balancing (35 min) - Binaural Beats

+ 9 Additional Sessions (Same as above, but different music)
+ 4 Plain Sessions (Just frequencies, no music)
+ 3 Bonus Slideshows


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What Customers Are Saying About The Meditation & Inner Peace Mp3 Pack

"I absolutely love the meditation and inner peace pack that I purchased. It has been transformational for me and I've been able to find a much deeper connection to my true self through use of all of the mp3 included. Thank you so much for a wonderful product at an exceptional price! Cheers. ~ Shelagh

"Usually I do not need help to meditate, but once in a while the mind chatter doesn't want to stop. When this happens I plug in my mp3 player, put on my headphones and listen to one of your Inner Peace and Tranquility tracks (Meditation and Inner Peace Mp3 Pack). It always does the trick and takes me to a lovely peaceful place where the stress and strain of everyday life have no part. Thank you Ed, for using your time and experience to make these tracks some of the best on the market (and a fraction of the price)." ~ Lisa Moore

"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the Meditation and Inner Peace Mp3 Pack. I love the variety I had to choose from and I appreciate the customer service you give with your updates, etc. I use my MusicMeFree mp3 packs all the time. When I am feeling a little tired and need a boost I listen to the alpha waves for about half an hour. It really energizes me. I would recommend this to anyone who is working and needs a break at lunch time. I take my mp3 player with me when I travel to calm me while flying and to relax to during stop-overs between flights. I also am a Reiki therapist and I play the music when I am giving Reiki to clients. I find it brings me to a very tranquil place where I can connect with my client very quickly. I find it so helpful in so many ways I would absolutely recommend this product to everyone!" ~ Honorah S (NL, Canada)

"I found the Meditation and Inner Peace Mp3 Pack to be the best value when compared to other similar products in the market. Not only do your products work well but the variety of available downloads provides me with choices. These choices afford the opportunity to listen to what is most appropriate at the time I want to listen. I have experienced deep relaxation as well as trance like meditation with your products. The Schumann Resonance product is superior to others I have purchased and you provided it as a free bonus in the Meditation and Inner Peace Mp3 Pack! An unexpected benefit has been a drop in my blood pressure to the point that I have been able to reduce the amount of medication required, thank you! p.s. the bonus screen savers with ambient music have been very useful for professional workshops and college classes that I teach. I use them as slide shows to put persons into a learning mode and to occupy minds during breaks." ~ Ken (Pennsylvania)

"I have purchased most of the products from MusicMeFree, and very soon I singled out one track for my personal needs - the Alpha Relaxation 1 (in the Meditation and Inner Peace Mp3 Pack) - and have used it since prior to meetings, or any other situation where I felt some tension. I find myself totally relaxed in meetings and less anxious to "perform" in top management environments. I'm free, powerful and performance anxiety is no issue anymore!" ~ KB (Sweden) 

Although I titled this product as "Meditation and Inner Peace Mp3 Pack", the primary focus of the mp3's in this series is for deep relaxation and internal cleansing when accompanied by heart felt sincere prayer to God. 

True lasting inner peace can only come from God, and a personal relationship to Him where you come to Him as a little child. 

Coming to God through Jesus in faith and repentance triggers a deep cleansing as is experienced in the Christian Contemplative prayer tradition.

If these mp3's can get you into a prayerful state of mind they have served their purpose.

(Click here for information about sub conscious cleanings in the Christian tradition of Contemplative Prayer.)

Meditation and Inner Peace Mp3 Pack

Designed for emotional cleansing, relaxation, and spiritual renewal

60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied
Over 20 Quality Mp3 Downloads

Over 15 Hours Of Quality Recordings

With 3 Bonus Video Slideshows

1.2GB Total

After successful payment you will have immediate access to the download link for registering your own username and password for lifetime access to the downloads.



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